One-Month Milestone

It has now been a month since I made the move to the Big Apple. So on this milestone, I decided to reflect upon how I’ve made the transition from the ‘burbs to the city.

At first, it was a sensory overload–the sights, smells and sounds of New York. It’s amazing to see that I’ve actually become used to the constant flow of traffic and people. I am now getting used to the idea that I can’t buy ┬ájumbo-Costco-industrial-sized products at the store, but rather stuff that I can carry home with two hands. :-) The food has simply been amazing. It never gets old. I love trying new restaurants and already have a few favorites!

I never thought I could live without my beloved SUV. And while I admittedly miss it at times, I am enjoying the fact that I am a short walk or subway ride from literally anything. The convenience of being only blocks away from an office supply store, a Chipotle, a Starbucks or a dry cleaners is nice.

There’s such a fascinating vibe in the air of New York City. There is that sense of excitement and adventure from the countless tourists (which I’m admittedly one of, on the weekends). Creativity and innovation seems to run through the veins of the city’s workforce. The city is just so dynamic at all times. Honestly there’s something new to discover or observe, every single time I take a walk outside.

Looking forward to the rest of the summer…

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